• Code: 575632
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 14 GSM
  • No. of Ply: 2
  • Material: Virgin
  • Packing: 1x48 & 1x36
  • Touch Free

Toilet paper is an item we use daily. In these times, one cannot imagine life without this essential item. Although we use it every day, there is very little we know about it. Toilet paper is mainly used in the bathroom – it is often used to clean up instead of using water, used to wipe the toilet seat and the soiled areas in the bathroom. We often underestimate how important toilet paper really is and how many choices people have regarding this. The options you get with toilet paper are endless. Most brands offer a range of options, and the market for toilet paper is constantly growing. The most common types of toilet paper include:

Recycled Toilet Paper

Using virgin toilet paper would require cutting down several trees. Thus, using recycled toilet paper is a better option. It will enable you to save trees without compromising on the quality of the toilet paper. The recycled toilet paper can be reused four to six times, and every time the paper is recycled a small amount of virgin pulp is added to maintain the strength and durability of the toilet paper. This means a small amount of virgin pulp will always be required in addition to the recycled materials. However, when these two are used in sync, it reduces the need to cut down more trees, and the manufacturers can supply high-quality recycled toilet paper.

Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Tree-free toilet papers are not made from trees, but they are made from other fibers like bamboo, sugarcane, or a combination of these two. These fibers, like bamboo, give strength to the paper, and sugarcane adds to the softness. Bamboo fibers are soft, absorbent, and durable, and these factors make them ideal household paper products. Tree-free paper is a much more efficient and cost-effective alternative to regular toilet paper. Paper made from bamboo and sugarcane degrades faster as well. In addition to all these benefits, the toilet paper made from these fibers is more abundant, and it requires much less energy when compared to regular toilet paper. Consequently, tree-free paper is biodegradable, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, etc, thereby it is a strong, safe, and more sustainable toilet paper option in the market.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

To be fair, all types of toilet paper like bamboo, paper, virgin pulp, etc. are natural and biodegradable. However, the regular paper requires more water and may take a bit longer to break down when compared to the biodegradable ones. The biodegradable one is less bulky and requires fewer septic tanks. When looking to buy a biodegradable, you should have a look at the thickness of the ply. The thicker the ply is, the more time it will take to biodegrade. Some of this paper is designed specifically for hikers and campers, and you can find biodegradable paper in compact packing that allows people to carry them easily in their backpacks. You can find a variety of alternatives in the biodegradable paper. Thus, you will always have an option to choose one according to your lifestyle and requirements.

Unbleached Toilet Paper

Several companies use the chlorine bleaching process to make the toilet paper whiter. Chlorine can produce cancer-causing pollutants and toxins, which can affect people’s health and the environment as well. However, the unbleached paper does not contain these elements, thus it can be a bit rough to touch. One of the most notable differences between these two is how they affect women’s health. The chlorine used to bleach the paper can enter the body through wiping and can affect one’s health later in life. Sometimes these chemicals can cause infection in sensitive areas and lead to irritation. To prevent these issues, you should choose unbleached and non-fragrant toilet paper. Thus unbleached paper is a safer and environment-friendly alternative. Toilet paper is an essential item, and people use it daily for multiple purposes. You can choose from a variety of options and even get environment-friendly options for your home. Since this product is used on our body, you should get the highest quality and safest toilet paper for your needs. Feel Tissues offer the best toilet paper in Dubai. You can have a look at all the options they have to offer and choose the best one for you. You can contact their experts at info@feeltissues.com, and discuss your specific needs with them.