• Code: 575632
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 14 GSM
  • No. of Ply: 2
  • Material: Virgin
  • Packing: 1x48 & 1x36
  • Touch Free

Paper towels are used for several purposes, from wiping the spills to being used as an item for cleaning, these towels can be used in both homes and workplaces. Paper towels are disposable and are made from tissue paper. You can use these towels for various applications in homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. They offer better hygiene in comparison to the cloth towels and can be disposed of easily. Since the paper towel has better absorption properties, it will be able to soak up all the excess oil in the kitchen and can be used to soak oil from the fried food items as well

Paper towels are also used in public bathrooms as disposable towels for better hygiene. These towels are often folded and stacked into the dispensers, unlike the ones that can be found in homes. You can also use paper towels to wipe mirrors, window panes, and other glass items to keep them clean and ensuring no smudges are left. These towels are also a suitable product to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Some people also use paper towels as napkins and use them as wiping tools around dinner parties. You can find these towels in several forms, and some of these forms are:

Continuous Rolls- These types of paper towels are most commonly used in bathrooms of restaurants, offices, and other industrial environments. Continuous rolls are meant to be used with a paper towel dispenser. The paper towel roll is loaded into the dispenser, and it allows people to pull out the paper towel and tear it as required. The continuous rolls are often found in 1-ply (1 layer) or 2-ply (2 layers). Perforated Rolls- These types of paper towels are similar to continuous rolls. The only difference is that these have perforations given at intervals to ensure you can tear them into discrete sizes without using the dispenser. The perforated rolls are suited for domestic applications, and they are especially used in kitchens. These paper towels are primarily found in 1-ply (1 layer). C-Fold Paper Towels- C-fold paper towel is a great alternative where tissues and towels are used a lot. These types of tissues are meant to be used with a dispenser and are a viable option for high-traffic areas. The c-fold towels are designed to ensure that every time one tissue is pulled out of the dispenser, the next one sticks out to be pulled out easily. These towels are mostly 1-ply (1 layer), and they create a chain of towels to ensure people can easily pull them out and use them. Multifold Paper Towels- Multifold paper towels are the best alternative for places like restaurants and businesses. These towels are supposed to be used with a dispenser and are ideal for places with high usage. The folding of these towels is done in such a way that when a tissue is pulled out, the next one is already half out, making it easy to be dispensed and used.

These are all the significant types of paper towels. You can also find these tissues in a range of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and qualities. Some towels are often embossed which allows more absorption qualities. Choices of paper towels range from bleached, unbleached, or even recycled paper.

The best thing about paper towels is that they are biodegradable. The towels that have been used in the kitchen, or are dirty cannot be recycled. However, they are still biodegradable and can be put away into composting. Since the paper ones can be recycled and composted, they do not harm the environment and help you reduce your carbon footprint as well. The paper tissues and towels are meant to be used one time only. Thus, you will not have to spend time in maintenance like the cloth towels.

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