• Code: 575632
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 14 GSM
  • No. of Ply: 2
  • Material: Virgin
  • Packing: 1x48 & 1x36
  • Touch Free

Whether you know them as paper handkerchiefs or just plain tissues, facial tissue is a versatile product that is used by millions of people every single day. These tissues offer a lot of convenience and are built with absorption qualities that make them ideal to be used at either home or work. Mainly used during the flu, cold, or just to generally wipe your face, these tissues can be used for multiple purposes. These tissues are found in different shapes and sizes, and are used by people all over the world. The facial tissue is primarily manufactured in the same box by almost all suppliers. The tissue is not only developed to wipe the face and absorb sweat, but it also comes with sterile properties that make them a great product to stop the germ build-up as well.


Uses of Facial Tissues

Facial tissues are a staple product, and this product is a must-have in every situation. It has become a convenient product in every woman’s makeup kit. These tissues have a soft texture and light absorption qualities. Thus, they may even be used as a facial blotter especially at work. Their strength and absorption will allow you to wipe all the oil from the t-zone without actually rubbing off the makeup. Facial tissue is not only used to remove makeup but can also be used when applying it.

Since this tissue can be placed under the eye when applying eye shadow, it can catch the fallouts and avoid smudging the makeup from a fan brush. Many women also use facial tissues for blotting their lipsticks before adding another coat. In addition to using it as a perfect makeup tool, facial tissue is a convenient product that can be used for other purposes. It is a helpful product to carry in your bag or have in your office. These tissues allow you to clean up faces, wipe off spills, and are used for padding any delicate items.


Why Should You Use Facial Tissue At Work

A lot of people share the office and work in close proximity to each other. Facial tissues can be a highly effective product to maintain hygiene. These tissues can be used to wipe the face, remove dust, prevent germ buildup, and stop the spread of germs as well. They are made of durable material and are one of the handiest items around the workplace. They combine quality, durability, softness, and comfort. Having a box of quality tissues in a shared space will keep you prepared for the breakout, spills, and other unexpected mishaps. It will help to maintain hygiene at your workplace.


Find Quality and Durable Tissues with Us

Feel Tissues is one of the leading providers of facial tissue in Dubai. We offer a wide range of tissues and wipes that will be a great product to have around both home and workplace. Whether you need facial tissues in bulk or you need just a box for personal use, we can offer quality products to choose from. We supply a range of tissues, everything from standard tissue boxes to hypoallergenic ones. Our tissues can be found in both one-ply and two-ply, depending on your requirements.

We have supplied boxes of tissues to workplaces, restaurants, hotels, catering, etc. We can offer customized packages to clients depending on their unique needs and storage spaces. Thus, if you need a customized tissue box for your office or workplace we can offer a range of products at competitive prices. If branding is your specific need, we can imprint your company logo and package it in your preferred colors and designs. This will allow you to promote your products or services through the customized tissue box.

You can contact us and discuss your unique needs with our expert at + 971 4 4531771. Our experts will listen to your demands and deliver on your specific needs. Have a look at our official website to browse through our range of products and select the one you find suitable for your requirements. We offer our products all across Dubai, and we at Feel Tissues can be your reliable partner in catering to your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your requirements with us to help us serve you better!