• Code: 749741
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 17
  • Material: Virgin
  • No. Of Ply: 2
  • Sheet Size: 100
  • Packing: 1X40

Paper napkins are an essential product used around kitchens, homes, and even workplaces. The use of napkins and tissue is growing considerably, and many people choose paper napkins instead of cloth ones. The paper napkins are a practical, economical, hygienic, and aesthetic solution to their cloth counterparts. These napkins are designed to meet the specific requirements of people and suit every preference and taste. You can find a range of paper napkins in the market, from eco-friendly to custom-designed napkins, you have a variety of options to choose from. Ever since society has become socially and environmentally aware, companies are coming up with environmentally friendly napkins to cater to people’s needs without compromising the environment. Thus, if you want to reduce your environmental impact, you will have the option to choose biodegradable paper napkins. Using a paper napkin has become second nature to most of us. This is one of those essential items that is stocked up everywhere and used for a range of purposes. From blotting down lipstick to wiping off a spill, a paper napkin is a must-have in every scenario. Napkins have been in existence for centuries, and they are a part of dinner tables everywhere. You will find these paper napkins at every fast-food joint, formal restaurant, and they are even delivered with takeaways. Since paper napkins can be recycled and do not affect the environment negatively, they have been a leading choice of napkins. These napkins don’t always have to be produced with fresh pulp, you can even find napkins and tissues made up of 100% recycled paper. Thus, instead of filling landfills with discarded paper or used tissues, these are recycled and turned into new paper napkins. Paper napkins are available in a wide range of shades, textures, and lengths. Allowing you to choose a specific style for your occasion. These are used for a variety of purposes, from wiping down spills to removing makeup, a paper napkin can serve multiple purposes. Tissue and napkins are better alternatives to cloth napkins. The paper ones can be ripped apart when they are not in use. There are several advantages of using paper napkins in your everyday routine. Some of the most notable benefits of using a paper napkin include:

Savings- Paper napkins are more affordable than cloth napkins. Even if you buy them in bulk or in small quantities, you can get them on a budget. With cloth napkins, you will be required to wash and iron them as well. This will be an added maintenance cost of such napkins. Thus, if you are looking for a cost-effective option, a paper napkin will be a better alternative.

Variety- Paper napkins come in a variety of shades, textures, and designs. You can find an ideal pattern depending on your preferences and style. You will also have an option to customize the paper napkins according to the occasion and brand. Thus, these can be used as a viable medium for brand promotion.

Convenience- If you don’t have the spare time to wash, iron, and maintain the cloth napkin, paper napkins can be an ideal alternative. You can just use them as you like and then throw them in the recycling bin. The paper ones offer hassle-free usage at a less cost.

Versatility- Paper napkins have taken the lead in the market, because similar to cloth ones, they can be folded into any shape you want. Also, because of their texture, they can retain the shape and will be apt for any event.

Environment Friendly- This is one of the most significant benefits of using a paper napkin. These napkins are biodegradable, thus they will decompose in the soil and will not increase our carbon footprint.

Feel Tissues is the Trusted Paper Napkins Manufacturer

There is no denying that paper napkins are here to stay for a long time. Thus, finding a reliable manufacturer will allow you to get durable products at a competitive price. Feel Tissues is one of the leading providers of paper napkins in Dubai. They offer a range of quality products and help their partners get durable and hygienic products in no time. You can contact the experts at info@feeltissues.com and get the best quality napkin and tissue in Dubai.