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The use of tissue paper has increased the standard of hygiene and cleanliness all over the world. These paper tissues are the perfect alternatives for cloth napkins. Similar to cloth napkins, tissue paper is used for hygiene purposes. A tissue paper is softer, fluffier, and more absorbent than cloth ones. One other benefit of tissue paper is that you can recycle them. Tissue paper is an everyday use item and can be used for a range of purposes. From wiping down a spill to removing makeup, tissue paper has innumerable uses. Many people prefer using paper napkins over cloth handkerchiefs to wipe their faces because tissues offer better absorption and can easily clean off dust and sweat. You can find a range of tissue paper in Dubai and choose any of these types for your everyday needs. Some of the most popular types of tissue paper include:

Hygienic Tissue Paper

Many people believe that tissue is more hygienic than cloth handkerchiefs.

Since tissues are meant for one-time use only, they offer better hygiene. The regular tissue is made up of recycled paper or pulp. The tissue paper manufacturing process includes creping out a paper, drying it on a cylinder, and then scraping it with a metal blade. Once the process is completed, the tissues are packed and supplied to the market. Tissues are very popular when it comes to maintaining hygiene. These are used everywhere, from kitchens and dinner parties to washrooms. You can dry or wipe your hands using tissues or even use them to blot lipstick and remove makeup.

Facial Tissue

Facial tissues are slightly different from the regular ones.

Since they are designed to be used on the face, they are softer and also more absorbent. The facial tissues are often sold in boxes and are primarily used to remove makeup. Facial tissues are developed using organic materials, hence your face will not have irritation as they are devoid of harsh chemicals. Similar to other types of tissue papers, the facial ones are also biodegradable, and you can even find a range of recycled facial tissues. Using facial tissue paper can reduce the spread of infection, as these are generally used only once and disposed of.

Biodegradable Tissue

To be honest, all tissue papers are biodegradable, but the ones that are

marketed as biodegradable tissues disintegrate and thus biodegrade faster. These types of tissues are made with organic products and are not as thick as other tissues. Since these napkins are thin, they break down easily in the compost pit and biodegrade faster than other tissues. If you are concerned about the environment, you can choose biodegradable ones to reduce your carbon footprint.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is similar to tissue paper, but it is primarily used in the washroom.

This paper is designed to decompose in a septic tank, which does not create or add to any kind of waste. The toilet paper is found in the form of a roll and can be torn down easily. This paper is found in only one layer and is a bit thicker than the other types of tissue paper.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are used everywhere, from kitchens to public washrooms.

These are often sold in stacks or in rolls for cleaning purposes. You can use paper towels to dry your hands, wipe the spill, or for any other purpose. Paper towels are highly absorbent and soak up water easily to ensure maximum cleaning. These towels are mostly found in one layer and are used in dispensers at the public washrooms.

Table Napkins

Table napkins can be found in any restaurant and range from one to four layers.

Many people use this during dinner parties and get-togethers around the houses. You can easily find these tissue paper in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and you can even get customized paper towels to market your product. Tissue paper has become an integral part of our daily life, and we have been using them for years. They serve as the best alternatives to cloth napkins. Since tissues have become a necessity, you should get yours from trusted suppliers. Feel Tissues is the leading unit for tissue paper manufacturing in the UAE, they offer quality products at competitive prices. You can contact their experts at + 971 4 4531771 and discuss your requirements today!



Our brands are trusted by more than millions of households and restaurants and have been passed through rigorous quality tests to assure the best we can provide to you. Over the course of our year, they’ve challenged convention, led innovation and helped shape your needs.