• Code: 575632
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 14 GSM
  • No. of Ply: 2
  • Material: Virgin
  • Packing: 1x48 & 1x36
  • Touch Free

Be it dinner parties or special get-togethers, when you have invited guests over for a small event you will need a lot of tissues thoughtfully laid out on the dinner table to go along with your fancy meals and beverages. In addition to being used in dinner parties, restaurants, hotels, and even workplaces, tissue rolls are frequently used in kitchens too. The absence of high-quality kitchen tissue rolls can make your cooking place messy and unhygienic. Thus, you should invest in high-quality tissue rolls for your kitchen. These rolls can be used for several purposes, and they come in very handy during the process of cooking.

The kitchen tissue roll is similar to tissue paper and is often found in larger rolls. The tissue can be unrolled and torn down to be used. Its uses can range from wiping down small spills to patting down oily food. The kitchen tissue roll is a bit different from the usual tissue paper. It has more absorptive qualities and is thicker than regular ones. These qualities make it a perfect essential around the kitchen. Since these tissues are made from recycled paper, they are biodegradable and do not harm the environment. The kitchen tissue roll does not contain any chemicals and is made using organic methods and products. Thus, using it around the kitchen does not affect the food quality and is safe. These tissue rolls can be used for a variety of purposes, and some of the most notable ones are:

Storing Veggies and Herbs

Storing vegetables, fruits, and herbs directly in the refrigerator can cause them to lose essential vitamins and minerals. Thus, you should wrap them in a protective layer before stacking them into the refrigerator. The tissue from a kitchen tissue roll can be used to wrap and store fruits and vegetables. Since these tissues can absorb moisture and do not contain any chemicals, they will prevent dampness and protect the precious nutrients of food items. You can use these tissue rolls to wrap herbs like coriander leaves and store them in the fridge. Wrapping your fruits and veggies into a kitchen tissue roll will ensure they do not become soggy due to high levels of humidity, thus increasing their lifespan and keeping them fresh.

Protecting Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is used in every kitchen, and cleaning it without the threat of rusting is a daunting task. With kitchen tissue rolls, you can easily wipe them down the grease after every use. This will ensure the iron cookware is clean and reduce the chances of rusting as well. The kitchen tissue rolls have high absorption qualities and can clean oils and other greasy substances from the iron cookware easily. Thus, you should store a tissue roll in your kitchen to clean the cookware.


One of the best parts about using a kitchen tissue roll is they do not harm the environment. Once you have used the tissues, you can just add them to your compost pit to maintain the carbon balance in it. This way, you will not have to throw away used tissue, and it is also an eco-friendly way to dispose of the waste. The fluffy quality of the issue will encourage the formation of air pockets and support the growth of good microorganisms in your compost pit.

Holding Oily and Fried Food Items

If you eat fried food often, you can use your kitchen tissue rolls to wipe off that extra oil after frying. Simply place your food items on the tissue and their absorption quality will instantly soak up the excess oil, leaving them crunchy but free of the extra grease. Your guests will eat the fried item without worrying about it dripping with oil.

Kitchen tissue rolls have become essential around every kitchen. From professional chefs to household kitchens, everyone uses them to keep the cooking area clean and hygienic. Finding the right supplier is integral to get thick and durable tissues. Feel Tissues offer the best kitchen tissue roll in Dubai, and you can get yours in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. You can browse their range of tissues and choose one depending on your requirements. You can get in touch with the experts at + 971 4 4531771 and discuss your unique needs with them.